I make unique hampers in the Victorian High Country and I’m always on the lookout for beautiful locally made products. These hand-sketched cards are unique and I am happy my customers will get something different when they order for Christmas. I highly recommend Bronwen’s wonderful customer service and quick delivery.

Amanda Collett

High Country Hampers

I’m smitten by these cards. At this time when I can’t travel overseas, they give me a magical glimpse of a summery, light-filled walk in France, lifting my spirits and evoking the joys of travelling. Anyone who loves to send (or receive) a beautiful postcard would love these too, if you can bring yourself to part with one!
Dorothy Maniero

I recommend these unique cards that have the clear colours of an original sketch. The A6 size is perfect with lots of room to write on the back and the pack of 8 seems like 10, there are so many great designs. My son really engaged with them so they’d be suitable for kids too. 

Anita J

I like the simplicity and colour of the illustrations.  The thick, matte, quality stationery is fantastic to write on with a Lamy fountain pen. They would make the perfect gift for someone who has done the route or is planning to, and for travellers or Francophiles. But they are also a great keepsake – almost too good to let go.

Helen W

I love these cards because they make me feel like I have nearly walked the road myself, and bring back lovely memories of St Jean Pied de Port. Also great for armchair travellers. I can use them for any occasion and at the same time support local creative artists, designers and printers.

Alison Hemer

I love having packs of cards on hand to use when gift giving, and these are so genuinely reproduced that I feel like I’m giving a miniature work of art as an extension of the gift. Each time I look at them, I see more detail and something different. Discovering the map made me feel like I’d taken the whole journey along the camino. They’re beautiful to have for yourself or give to others on any occasion.


I was so excited to receive my lovely cards! Bronwen captures the whimsy and structure of historic French architecture so beautifully. Her sketches convey her delight and passion for walking the French landscape. From the archway on the first card in this beautifully presented package, I felt invited to step into a story of meandering adventure, along the Voie du Puy.

Emily T

Bronwen’s beautiful cards arrived in the mail and what a treat it was to unpack them. They are so beautifully presented and of a high quality in all respects. My favourite things about her artwork are the little details to be found in each painting, and the gorgeous colour palette she has selected. These are very special little works of art which I will be using to send to someone special!


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