Be charmed

by the cello

Would you love your child to learn the cello?

Do you want to re-discover

the beautiful instrument you played as a child?

Have you always wanted to learn the cello,

but haven’t found the right teacher?

Hello, I’m Bronwen, and I’ve been playing the cello for … a long time.
Whether you want to take up the instrument you have always loved, or want your child to start a lifelong love of music, I can help you with practical skills and techniques to ensure you make progress toward mastering this beautiful instrument.
Lessons are available online through Zoom or in-person.
Why don’t you join my waitlist, and I’ll let you know when I have a slot in my schedule with your name on it.

Learning an instrument is really difficult, right?

Actually, it doesn’t have to be.

Professional musicians make it look so easy, and yes, they’ve taken years to perfect their art.

To experience success at your instrument you’ve got to practice, sure,

but you also have to have the best guidance to practice in the best way.

This is where the Suzuki Method comes in.

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