Cello lesson 30 minutes


A 30 minute cello lesson is ideal for beginners and more experienced players who are aged 7 – 70 years old.

Select the number of lessons you’d like. There are 9 lessons per term and payment is required in advance.



Ideally, 30 minute cello lessons for children are offered in-person, however in some circumstances, online lessons would be satisfactory and ideally supplemented with periodic in-person lessons.

For adult beginners, once again, ideally in-person lessons would assist with correct posture and set up, but this is not essential.

Please contact Bronwen to discuss where in-person lessons are being offered now, or whether as a beginner you may be able to learn online.

30 minute cello lesson benefits

No-one has ever said to me, I really wish I hadn’t learned an instrument when I was younger. However everyone who I speak to that didn’t learn an instrument, wished they had.

So there is no better time than now, hot on the heels of the cello being voted Australia’s favourite instrument in 2023 by listeners of ABC Classic, to start your cello journey. Go on, you know you want to! In these times of social isolation and money valued over substance, the best thing you can do for yourself, is to nurture your musical soul and learn an instrument. I’m biased, I’d love you to learn the cello, but really, anything will do. Bagpipes anyone?

Children and adults alike have found the logical step-by-step approach of the Suzuki method to be the most comprehensive and easeful way of approaching the cello – and I love teaching in this way.

Cello lesson terms

Price includes GST.
Booked lessons are non-refundable or transferable.
There are 9 lessons per term (following school terms roughly), and these need to be booked in advance (select 9 units).

Preparation for 30 minute cello lessons

To begin lessons, you’ll need to have:
*dedicated time of 10-15 minutes each day for practice
*dedicated time of 10 minutes each day for listening
*weekly lesson of 30 minutes (for children, parent will be present for all lessons)
*dedicated space to practice
*a chair/stool of the correct height (seat level to the back of the student’s knees)
*facilities to play music – preferably sound system (rather than phone)
*read Suzuki Philosophy page
*read Parent Role page

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