GR 65 Arzacq-Arraziguet Café des Arcades watercolour postcard


Hand-sketched watercolour reproduced on a high quality, 300gsm, 35% cotton, A6 postcard.

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I had really hit my stride, walking and sketching, by the time I reached the Place de la Republic in Arzacq-Arraziguet on the via Podiensis. The teardrop-shaped plaza houses plane trees surrounded by classic stone houses and shops with histories dating back to the fifteenth century. The red and white awning and flags of the Cafe des Arcades caught my eye, reminding me of eyelashes for the cavern below. One of the best towns on the GR65 for sketching buildings.

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A6 (150mm x 106mm)


300gsm, Luxurious, soft-feel textured surface, Neutral creamy shade

Environmental credentials

35% cotton, Acid free, Element chlorine free, Responsible Forestry Practices


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