Mendelssohn Music Week, Wengen Switzerland

My path with art to the 18th Mendelssohn Music Week (Musikwoche) concert in Wengen My four-month odyssey across Europe has certainly pulled out some great surprises, not least, a little music festival celebrating Mendelssohn, in a protestant church with the most...
Parent Role

Parent Role

What is the parent role in the Suzuki teaching triangle? “In traditional teaching, or in the average school situation, the parent is a shadowy figure who does not really become involved in the actual teaching situation. In the Suzuki approach, the success of the...
Suzuki Philosophy

Suzuki Philosophy

What was Dr Shinichi Suzuki’s philosophy on learning to play an instrument? This method of teaching originated in Japan in the mid-20th century with a self-taught violinist, Dr Shinichi Suzuki.  He was an observant and thoughtful man who applied his reasoning...

ON AIR: 40 years of 3RRR

Last year I took the unprecedented step of subscribing to not one, but two local community radio stations, RRR 102.7FM and PBS 106.7FM.  I kind of got sucked into their subscribe-a-thons because they do such a great job with them, but I also figured I do listen to...

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