Le Cafe Flo

“This cafe is my second home. The hearty, authentic food is genuine and the hospitality is totally French. Galette with a sip of Lillet vermouth. Conversation class Thursdays. Home sweet home.” 

Shifty Chèvre 

“Best. Bathroom. Ever. with reverse doorbell. ‘Move on up’ playing as I sank into the velvet sofas for a mid-afternoon refresh. Orangina, monsieurs speaking French and cheesy cocktails – yes! Go...

Welcome to Thornbury

Welcome to Thornbury You can fully expect to see James Dean and Marilyn Monroe tucking into their food truck meals. What a great retro, hip place to hang out as the summer sun goes down. Be early for the best seats....

The Fork Shop: Fawkner

The Fork Shop A hidden gem in the heart of Fawkner, this little cafe serves up intimacy to all senses. Neat menu, stylish plates, cosy setting and friendly personalised service and gelato! A hearty Italian cucina....

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