A path with art

Whimsical watercolour sketches

evoking the light and freedom

of walking in France.

Vivid artworks sketched along the Voie du Puy, Way of Saint James, Via Podiensis in France and the Camino del Norte, Spain.

I was so excited to receive my lovely cards! Bronwen captures the whimsy and structure of historic French architecture so beautifully. Her sketches convey her delight and passion for walking the French landscape. From the archway on the first card in this beautifully presented package, I felt invited to step into a story of meandering adventure, along the Voie du Puy.

Emily T

Cards arrived today … way too nice to use as stationery … thinking I will have them framed and will hang them in my room. They are really, really lovely.

Susan Morris

Camino Skies

I recommend these unique cards that have the clear colours of an original sketch. The A6 size is perfect with lots of room to write on the back and the pack of 8 seems like 10, there are so many great designs. My son really engaged with them so they’d be suitable for kids too. 


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